About Mane Divas

ManeDivas Founders

Welcome to my site! I am are very excited to introduce myself and for you to join me on my journey towards healthy hair. My name is Trina, a young women dissatisfied with the current state of the UK hair industry.

Now after 12 months of research I declare Mane Divas officially open and stand ready to assist our clients with their hair care needs.

My main aim is to educate and enlist women with the tools to enable them to have a healthy mane of hair; Natural, relaxed or wearing a protective style I want to promote the hair within.

I aim to educate women on the maintenance of their protective style, be it our own Kinky No Heat Alternative collection or any style you choose as well as looking after the natural hair underneath, this is paramount. Natural haired women will benefit from a one stop shop for the best products to use to support their hair goals.

My anecdotal research found 80% of women wearing weave do so with natural hair underneath. Surely their needs mirror those of a naturalista so why not help each other out? A weave is just another form of a protective style. In our opinion the term 'natural' is a just how you wear your hair. The most important thing is knowing how to care for your mane, there are no hard fast rules.

I will be providing our clients with not only the highest quality products to get the most out if their chosen style, but the advice and personal experience attached from a brand they can trust. We use the word clients rather than customers as we believe we are offering a service to improve the black female hair regime rather than a product to generate income.

Starting with a base catalogue of 30 products, sourced from the very best of international suppliers I will be guiding our customers towards the products that are right for them based on our combined personal experience.

I have created our own line which contains premium natural items such as a 3 step moisture range which contains no Parabens or Silicones and a deep conditioner all for the maintenance of your mane of hair. 

Personal research has shown that Essex as a county have limited exposure for ethnic hair care products. We are frequently approached asking where we purchase such items. We now aim to provide the women of Essex with a brand they could trust.

I do not sell anything that we haven't personally tested! Our images are us with friends and family, no paid models. They have all shared their hair experiences with us so we could provide you with the best products. We are proud to be the face behind the brand.

Mane Divas are a 'hair experience' company which will offer a range of 'extra mane' facilities. Clients can look forward to the hair clinics that we will be hosting several times throughout the year which will cover topics relevant to all hair types whatever your Regimen. Please see our clinic page for more details.

Just remember; Executive Extensions or Naturalista, we're the MANE Divas for you! 


Unlike other hair companies we have personally tested our products and offer an invaluable aftercare service. We offer the supporting products and advice alongside the clinics. We will enlist you, as our client, with the guidance and support you require to get the most out of your purchase. 

In our opinion 'virgin' hair does not exist. The term 'virgin' signifies untouched by any chemical at any point in time. As soon as a hair piece is washed, conditioned or even greased/moisturized it is no longer in its natural state. We believe this is where consumers become confused and caught up in the virgin hair hype, a hype that few people actually understand. Which is why we have chosen to label our hair as 'raw' rather than virgin. The hair is in its original state and has not been permed, chemically processed colored or bleached. Our hair is put through various in house tests before it is sent to our customers so please be assured you are receiving a high quality product

We aim to educate women on the maintenance of their extension products, as well as looking after the natural hairunderneath; this is paramount. Already natural styled woman will benefit from a one stop shop for the best products to use to promote natural hair growth. Please check out our online shop for hair oils, shampoos and conditioners for the maintenance of your mane of hair.

Sickle cell is one of the leading illnesses in the "Afro-Caribbean" community. One in every 2000 babies are born with this disease in the UK alone, and this figure only increases as we go worldwide.

Both Tam and Trina have come into direct contact with the disease in their life times, through immediate family members and friends, so it is a disease very close to their hearts. Although not a curable illness (as its hereditary) a lot can be done to ease the sufferers plight through awareness and support for progression of medications.

We at Mane Divas will be donating 3% of our profits to the National Sickle Cell Society. The society was founded in 1979 to help raise national awareness about the illness and create a community for family and friends alike to discuss and share experiences. For more information on the great work that they have done and continue to do please click here.

If you'd like to make a personal donation, this can be done here.